Askifou, Chania prefecture  Crete

High in the mountains, at an altitude of 730m is the village of Askifou. Its name derives from the ancient Greek word for cup, "skifos" and originates from the shape of the plateau in which the village nestles.

Askifou is around 50km southeast of Chania. The local population are mostly farmers who produce a variety of crops from this fertile mountain region. In particular, potatoes, chestnuts, grapes (both for wine making and eating) and a variety of cereals are cultivated. Askifou is famous not just for its breathtaking mountain scenery but also for its celebrated cheese pies.

This small mountain village also has an historic importance that belies its size. Two such instances are of significance:
During the Cretan revolt against the invading Turks, the villagers of Askifou took part in a courageous battle which culminated in destroying the forces of Sherif Pasha in the Straights of Lagos in 1821.
Secondly, in 1896, the village was chosen by The General Cretan Foundation to be the place where the summit was held to discuss and finalise the union of Crete with the rest of Greece.