Ferries to Crete from Piraeus and the Cyclades

Crete has daily ferry connections with Piraeus all the year. The night trip with conventional ferries to Cania it takes about 8 hours and to Heraklion 9 hours while the day trip takes about 6 hours. There are ferries from Rhodes to Sitia every Wednesday with the F/B Preveli.
You can get to Crete from Santorini within 2 and half hours with the high speed Catamarans.
There are also connections from many other islands of the Cyclades to Crete.

From Piraeus Crete is served by the maritime lines Anek, Superfast and Minoan lines.
From Heraklion to Santorini, Paros and Mykonos with the high-speed Flying Cat 4 (departures from Heraklion daily at 9.45, and to Santorini , Ios, Paros, Naxos, Mykonos with the high speed catamarans of Sea JET and Super jet.


With Minoan lines daily departures at 22.00 arrival at 5.30 next day.

With Anek lines departures every day except Sundays at 21.30 arrival 06.00 netxt day wuth the F/B Olympic Champion  and Superfast XII


Daily departures with Anek Lines at  21.00 arrival next day at 05.30 with the F/B Vanizelos and Elyros

If you have decided to reach the island of Crete by sea, you are part of that group of adventurous vacationers for whom the journey is not only the destination but also the journey that takes you to your chosen destination. Well, rest assured that going to Crete by ferry will be a wonderful adventure, which will guarantee you the opportunity to enjoy the entire trip before enjoying the sun, sea and beaches of the island.

Getting to Crete by ferry from the UK through Italy

Uk travellers in order to reach Crete by ferry from Italy, they stop in Patras. You can choose the port of departure from Venice, Trieste, Ancona, Bari and Brindisi to Athens.

The ferry is still today one of the most used means by all European tourists who go to Greece by car, because it offers the possibility to embark the car with which then to move in total autonomy once arrived in Greece.


The ferry companies reach Patras, which is the closest port to Athens 131 miles via the new national highway E65, often with a stopover in Corfu and Igoumenitsa.

Boarding begins three hours before departure, and if you have a ticket booked it is advisable to arrive at least two hours before.

From Ancona the journey takes 22 hours and from  Venice it takes 30 hours.

The most important shipping companies are Anek Lines, Minoan Lines and Superfast. From Patras you can arrive by bus or car at the port of Piraeus, 3-4 hours of travel, so pay attention to the times of arrival in Patras and departure from Piraeus and then take the ferry to Heraklion or Hania, the two main ones.

Ports of Crete

The main company is Anek Lines, which connects Piraeus with Chania, Rethymno and Heraklion. In fact, Piraeus offers daily connections with Crete and even several stopovers: Iraklio, Souda, Rethymno, Agios Nikolaos, Sitia, the port of Hania and Kissamos.

The journey from the port of Piraeus to Crete takes about nine hours, and the ferry rides are generally four daily during the summer and two for the winter period, thus giving tourists the possibility to choose the route, any intermediate stops, and even if you travel at night or during the day.

The major companies that can be used are Minoan Lines, Lane Lines or Anek Lines.

Ferry itineraries to Crete

You can travel very easily from the port of Piraeus to Crete with modern, large passenger ships. Usually, the ferry connection Piraeus-Crete operates with more than 14 routes per week, to all ports of the island. The most popular, but also the most frequent, itineraries are those from Piraeus-Heraklion and Piraeus-Chania.The ferry companies that operate the itineraries for Crete are Blue Star Ferries, Minoan Lines, Anek and Seajets.

If you want to travel from Athens to Crete by ferry, you must keep in mind that the routes are operated by both conventional boats and high-speed ferries. The fastest ferry to Crete from Piraeus takes about 6 and a half hours. Usually this ferry runs to Crete daily between June and September and departs from Piraeus in the afternoon.

Ferry prices for Crete

Non-return tickets to Crete usually cost from € 23 to € 160 with the conventional ferry. Of course, the price of ferry tickets to Crete may increase if you wish to book a ferry by speedboat, book a cabin or take your vehicle with you.Also, the price of ferry tickets to Crete may change during the summer , so the itineraries to Crete are more popular, so keep in mind that if you get a cheap ticket, you should book it immediately. You can also regularly check our page for ferry offers and discounts, in order to achieve a lower fare for Crete.

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