Theriso, Crete

statue of Venizelos at theriso16 kilometres south of Chania on the lower slopes of the White Mountains is the historic village of Theriso. The road leading to the village traverses the striking Therissos gorge which is some 6km long.

Eleftherios Venizelos had in Theriso his headquarters during the revolt  to depose the monarchy of Prince George in the early 20th century.
This uprising led to the union of Crete with the rest of Greece.

A site worth a visit is the former headquarters of Venizelos which is located in the village. At the small square of the village is the statue of the Great Cretan leader.

There are some nice restaurants and cafes around the small square and in the main street.

Another interesting trip is to the Saracena cave which lies about 2km outside the village and has unearthed some noteworthy ancient clay pots thought to have contained offerings to the gods.