Kolimbari, Crete

Built in an area of great natural beauty, Kolimbari is situated about 23km west of Chania. Its population number around 750 and these inhabitants traditionally are employed in the production of the famous Kissamos wines.
However, over the last few years tourism has developed significantly in the area and many villagers also benefit from the work that holiday makers bring about.

This small village, like many others in the area of Chania, has played an important role in Cretan history. It was at Kolimbari that the Turkish invasion of 1645 began, and also where Timoleon Vassos, in 1897, began the Cretan Struggle for unification of Crete with the rest of Greece. Places to visit include the ruins of the ancient town of Diktina at the end of Cape Rodopou and the Gonias Monastery, built in 1618 and dedicated to the Virgin Mary.