Idaean Cave

the Idaean Cave

Just on the fringes of the village is a road which goes to the spectacular plateau of Nida on Mt. Psiloritis. The road terminates at the Idaean Caves, some 22 kilometres further on up steep mountain roads. There is a taverna and a little church close to the entrance to the caves. According to Greek mythology, this cave is where Zeus was raised by the goddess Rhea, to keep him safe from his father Kronos. The cave is open most of the time for exploring, although it is often wet and slippery inside the large cavern and its inner sanctum.
The Idaean caves are not the only ones in the area.

Just west of Anogia, close to the village of Zoniana, is the spectacular cave of Sendi of Sphendoni which has striking stalagmites and stalactites. Also, in this area is the cave of Melidoni or Yerondospillia , which was used for cult purposes during the Minoan to the Roman times.

It was here that 400 unarmed inhabitants of the nearby village were massacred by the Turks during the Occupation.
There is a new National Highway that runs along the coast from Heraklion westwards which passes through many popular seaside resorts and interesting villages. A short distance inland off this road, in lush ravine, is the remote monastery of Savvathianon in the charming little village of Rogdia.

A little further inland from this monastery is a second, the monastery of Ayios Pandeleimon.
Back on the coastal road, heading west are many attractive seaside resorts, including the very attractive Panormos with its wide sandy beach and clear blue sea. It is quiet and unspoilt with plenty of Cretan culture. There is a good selection of shops and tavernas without being overly commercialised like much of this northern coast of Crete.  .