The resort of Kalyves in Crete

kalyvesAround 18km east of Chania is the seaside village of Kalyves with a population of around 1,100 people.
The village is located in lush green surroundings and is divided into the modern part, with contemporary architectural buildings and the traditional part with its old houses constructed of stone and its narrow twisting lanes. 

The resort village of Kalyves, also spelt Kalives, has scruffy main street that runs parallel to the coast lined with crumbling, unkempt buildings flanked by more modern apartments.


KalyvesKalives is a working village so there is a good complement of shops with a bakery, ironmongers and so on – even a barrel maker, as well as taverna and cafes.

Just outside Kalives is the remarkable Koumos or Stone House, a private home where buildings are covered in small stones in a Gaudi-style extravaganza.