Koutsouras Gorge

The Gorge of Koutsouras

Koutsouras, just west of Makrigialos in Lassithi is a quieter and linking this village with Oreino is the butterfly gorge of koutsouras.  Butterflies are a less common sight now since a huge forest fire in 1993 although they can still be seen in the spring. Despite the fire destroying much of the woodland, Koutsouras Park is a delightful place with plenty of flora and fauna. There is a track through the park that leads to Oreino village ( a walk of around 3.5 hours), and as you approach the village (especially in the winter months) you will be greeted by small springs and waterfalls. Oreino is 10km from the sea and, at 650m above sea level is a cool and pleasant place to rest and refresh yourself in the village square. .