Milatos Crete

Milatos consists of two settlements, one on the coast and the other a little further inland. It is about 32.5km north-west of Agios Nikolaos and comprises a population of around 400 inhabitants.

On the site of the inland Milatos excavations have discovered the remains of the ancient Minoan city of Milatos which was established there until the 3rd century BC when it was destroyed by the ancient town of Lytto. The village's name has an interesting origin. Legend tells that the town was named after a feral boy, Milatos, who was raised by a wolf and, as a teenager, went on to kill a local tyrant, thus freeing the population from oppression. A second legend suggests that Milatos was also the founder of a Cretan colony, Militou, in Asia Minor.

milatos cavePlaces of interest to visit in and around Milatos include the Cave of Milatos which is located on the slopes of a deep ravine and is 3km away from the village. The cave has eight entrances which are all side by side on the front of the cave which is 40metres in length. The cave itself covers an area of some 2,000 square metres and inside are some wonderful stalactites and stalagmites. Also, above one of the entrances, there is a carved inscription commemorating the massacre of 3,600 men, women and children who were murdered here in 1823 by the Turkish army General Hassan.
Their remains were buried in a memorial tomb inside the cave. Next to the cave there is the small church of St. Thomas erected in the memory of this horrific event. .