Katofigi Caves

Katofigi Caves Crete

Close to Agios Georgios are several famous caves. Firstly, north-west of the village, on the slopes of the Mandiliou Plai, is the Mikro Katofigi cave which is 425m above sea level. It was inhabited during antiquity and shards of early Minoan pottery have been found inside as well as human and animal bones.

The cave comprises a small chamber with a sloping passageway which descends 40m into the hillside. It features many stalactites, stalagmites and small lakes. Close by is the Megalo Katofigi cave which has an entrance that is over 3 metres wide. Inside are two chambers, one 24m deep by 12m wide and the second a staggering 42m deep and 11m wide. Inside the second chamber is a large underground lake. 

katofigi caves crete