Mount Dicte

Mount Dicte Crete

Mount Dicte and the plateau of Lassithi can be reached from Agios Georgios. Mount Dicte (known locally as Lassithiotika Vouna) is part of the Dinarotauric Arrow and has an altitude of 2,148 metres. There are eight peaks, the highest being Psari Madara at 2,141 metres. These peaks form the plateau of Lassithi which covers an area of 402 square metres.
The plateau of Lassithi is a green, fertile valley at an altitude of around 817 metres, covering an area of 25,000 square kilometres and is one of the most impressively beautiful areas on the island.

Scattered around its extensive acreage are 10,000 white-sailed windmills which have been used for decades to irrigate the land. Nowadays, most of them have been abandoned in favour of more modern methods of irrigation.

Nevertheless, the area is lavishly cultivated with vegetables, fruit and almond trees. Another name for the plateau is the Plateau of Windmills. The plateau has some twenty villages within its boundaries, the capital village being Tzermiado with a population of 1,000 people. Excavations at Diktaion Andron cave, at Trapeza cave and at Karfi and Plati, indicate that the area has been lived in ever since Neolithic times.

In Classical times it was part of the flourishing ancient city of Littos. During both the Venetian and the Turkish occupations, the plateau provided refuge to the revolutionary fighters which led to the Venetians, in 1263, forbidding any construction and cultivation in the area.

view of the mountains of Lasithi Dicte crete