Dikteon Cave

Dikteon Cave Crete

Just less than 5km to the west of Agios Georgios is the famous Dikteon Cave(Cave of Zeus), which is close to the village of Psychros. It is located on the north side of Mt. Di cteat an altitude of 1,025 metres. It was discovered in 1900 by an English archaeologist and, inside were found ceremonial altars, small statues, tables for offerings, weapons, tools, seals, jewels, pottery and many other things of great archaeological significance.

The findings show that during the Middle-Minoan and Archaic Period the cave acted as a shrine to Zeus. The mythology tells the story of how Rhea hid her infant son, Zeus, here to save him from a certain death by his jealous father Kronos. The story relays how Zeus grew up here and was cared for by the goat, Amalthia (who fed him her milk), the Nymphs and Kourites. It is also, allegedly, where Zeus met Europe.

The entrance to the cave is a chamber 14m by 8m and this leads to a much larger cavern which is divided into four small chambers that are filled with amazing stalactites and stalagmites. There is a small lake in the back of one of these chambers where Zeus is supposed to have bathed and where most of the offerings were found during excavations.

dikteon cave crete