Mires Crete

miresAround 52km from Heraklion and 14km away from the sea, Mires lies on the plain of Messaras. It is an agricultural and commercial town of around 5,900 inhabitants. During the hot summer months the atmosphere can be suffocating and the only place of coolness is to be found in the big park outside the village.

The park has tall trees, paved paths, stone fountains and refreshment kiosks. the settlement of Kaporiana is almost connected with Mires. Interesting places to visit around the region include the nunnery of Panagia Kalyriani which lies 6km to the west. Here there are some interesting exhibits of textiles, knitwear and needlework made by the nuns and some offered for sale to the public.

A second monastery is close by, the Monastery of Odegitria dedicated to the Holy Mother and built around 1568. This monastery has a heroic history linking it with Cretan resistance against the Turkish occupation. Nearby, in Apesokari, two vaults of the Proto-Minoan and Mid-Minoan Period were excavated. In one of these vaults are two altars and the other revealed some interesting finds including seals, an axe and ceramics. South of here a Minoan settlement was discovered..