Agios Miron

The village of Agios Miron in Crete

agios myron creteAgios Miron is the capital of the Malevizi province with a population of 730. It is located 19km to the south-west of Heraklion. The village is on top of a hill and the whole area is covered in vineyards and olive groves. There are panoramic views all around and the village itself has some impressive examples of traditional architecture. One of the main features of the town is the schools clock tower which is visible from almost everywhere in the area of Malevizi. The famous Malevisian wine is produced in this region from grapes cultivated in the local vineyards and, furthermore, the water of Agios Myron is of excellent quality and is considered to be one of the villages most important resources.

The village was named after the local Saint, Agios Myron who was ordained bishop of Gortys at the end of the 4th century and was born in the ancient town of Rafkos which was a significant city-state and, according to Homer, took part in the Trojan war The present village stands on the site of this ancient city. Saint Myron was martyred during persecutions held by the Roman Emperor Dekius and many miracles have been attributed to this patron saint. For example, a nearby rock is known as the Dragon and, according to tradition it is the remains of a dragon who used to eat humans and animals and was killed by St. Myron who touched it with his crosier, striking it dead and saving the local people.

agios myron churchPlaces to visit in the village is the church of Agios Myron where one can visit the hermitage and tomb of the Saint. Every year, on 8th August a village feast is held in honour of him. Other churches in the village include the church of Agii Apostoloi with impressive wall paintings and the church of Agia Paraskevi which has a perennial eucalyptus in its grounds. Also, in the village, are three stone fountains which relate to the local custom of  "klidodnas" fortune telling and a further festival is held in each year celebrating this art. Finally, nearby is the area of Drakos where there are three caves: "Agiasma", "Anonymo" and "tou Manoura o spilios". This is an interesting place to visit, not only to see the caves themselves but also to listen to the rare phenomenon of sounds that are created by the wind around the caves.
The village produces high quality raki.Each October and November the visitors have the opportunity to attend and participate actively in the production of raki.