Malia Crete, discover the nightlife and beaches of Malia

MaliaMalia, located approximately 36km east of Heraklion Crete, Malia, with Krasi (another summer resort) together are a municipality with a combined population of 3,722 people.

It is a popular resort in summertime due to its superb sandy beach. The beaches are well organised and the whole area is well serviced for tourists. It is one of the most visited areas on Crete.

The area is lush and fertile with a great number of watermills, despite a modern irrigation system. Due to the rich soil the cultivation of fruit and vegetables is the main occupation of the locals.

With a long boulevard lined with clubs open until dawn and others that open at dawn, Malia offers non-stop entertainment 24/7 with clubs, disco pubs, beach bars plus themed parties and foam parties .

Not enough for you? You can get on board a party boat and let loose to the sound of music on the high seas. So far it is the Malia that everyone knows, but this town in the north-east of Crete is also worth considering for quieter holidays.

Thanks to its location between Agios Nikolaos and Heraklion it is an excellent base for exploring the island of Crete: the capital of the island can be reached by highway in less than 30 minutes and other important tourist destinations can be reached easily.

Without moving from Malia, it is possible to see a necropolis along the coast and the remains of an important Minoan Palace (third largest of the island, after the most famous of Knossos and Festos); nearby, in the locality of Marmara, there are also remains of the Romanesque period including a basilica of the sixth century.

Two other good reasons to choose Malia as a holiday destination are the presence of a beautiful city beach, equipped with all services, and the large amount of accommodation to choose from, with proposals for all tastes and budgets.

Places to visit

minoan palace at maliaThe most interesting places to see, include the Monastery of Panagia Galatiani and the archaeological site of Malia which is 3km away. Here a Minoan town has been has been excavated as well as an exquisite Minoan palace.

The site is not so impressive as the ancient Knossos and Phaestos but will be a less crowded and equally fascinating experience. It seems that the remains that we see today were a rebuilding of the original palace which was destroyed in around 1700 BC.

The ruins date back to the New Palace Period (1700-1400 BC) and follow the usual design of Minoan palaces with a west yard, a central yard, storehouses, chambers set aside for religious worship, sanctums, workrooms and so on.

The entrance to the palace is on the south side. Around the palace was a fairly substantial settlement and a Minoan graveyard has been excavated to the north of the palace.

The findings at this site have been considerable. One piece in particular is especially exquisite a piece of gold jewellery which represents two bees and is a symbol of fertility. This piece can now be seen in the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion

Nightlife in Malia

malia main streetThe nightlife area in Malia is essentially one, that is a pedestrian avenue about 1.5 km long that leads to the beach known as “The Strip”: here is where most of the nightclubs in Malia are concentrated.

It is a street that sleeps during the day and wakes up when the sun goes down, fully animated when it gets dark and the sky is illuminated by an uninterrupted succession of multicolored neon lights.

In many clubs and disco pubs in Malia, admission is free (you only pay for the drink), so it is very common to do the English “pub crawl”, or spend the evening going from one club to another.

The  most famous clubs in Malia Crete, include the Club4, Corkers bar, the Candy , Nightclub5, the Apollo6, Lounge7 and Zig Zag Club.

As far as music is concerned, Malia cannot be defined as a location that creates trends, as happens in the most famous party destinations in Europe such as Mykonos, Mallorca or Ibiza, but it certainly knows how to readily transpose them.

In the clubs of Malia you can listen to the hits of the moment, but also less commercial genres such as techno, trance, r & b, d & b and rock, or give yourself a wild dance to the notes of the hits from the 80s, the 90s and today’s latest hits.


Where to stay in Malia

where to stay in maliaThe city is divided in two by the main road: the inland part is the historic center; the coastal part is the most modern, where hotels and night clubs are concentrated.

It is important to choose where to sleep in Malia based on the type of vacation you want to take or you risk turning a dream vacation into a nightmare.

If you come to Malia for its legendary nightlife it is better to stay in the center of the action: look for your accommodation in the coastal area, full of modern hotels, apartments and resorts, built following the development of tourism.

If you want a quiet holiday, absolutely avoid the discos area, recommended only for those who come here in search of unbridled fun.

Look for your accommodation in the historic center, where small hotels, studios, b & bs and holiday homes are concentrated, suitable for holidays as a couple or with the family.

You can also search along the coast, but it is better to move a couple of kilometers from the center of the new city.  Read more about hotels in Malia

Beaches of Malia

malia beachThe Beach of Malia is located west of the historic center, in the modern part of the city: it is a beach of fine golden sand about 3 km long on which free and equipped areas alternate, bathed by a clean blue sea and calm waters.

The east part of the beach is generally quieter and recommended for those who want to snorkel due to the presence of some rocky sections (low and not dangerous).

The western part is more popular, suitable for those who want entertainment and water sports: here you will find all the services, beach bars, a diving center and numerous sports equipment rentals.

The seabed is shallow and slopes slowly, therefore the Malia beach is also suitable for inexperienced swimmers and families with small children.

For a less crowded beach, move to Potamos, past the port to the east: it is another beautiful sandy beach, but less developed than the town of Malia. For other beaches for young people, however, you can go to Hersonissos or Stalis.

malia-kings-tattooMalia as a place for young people has many tattoo shops. Young and old tourists who follow the fashion are the main clientele of those tattoo shops.

Kings tattoo is one of the most poular one. Located at the centre of Malia in Dimokratias street 47. It is open 24 hours .

The prices are very affortable and of cource depend on the kind of tattoo you want.


Map of Malia

Map of Malia