Agioi Deka

The village of Agioi Deka

agioi deka creteThe village of Agioi Deka (Ten Saints) is located on a flat plain on the site of ancient Gortynos, which was one of the most powerful towns of Dorian Crete. It is 45km to the south-west of Heraklion and has a population of 900 people.
From the village there are excellent views of all the villages of the Messara plain. The name of the village derives from the ten Cretan Christians who were martyred during the persecution of Christians in 250 AD. Their tombs can be seen in the church of the Ten Martyrs.
The village was also the See of the first Bishop of Crete, Apostolus Titus. Interesting sights include the above tombs and church and also the church of St. Titus which is a combination of a palaeochristian basilica and a cruciform church. It was constructed in the 6th century AD and the most significant remains are its apse. Because of its location, Agioi Deka bus service to Heraklion is very dense.