Crete bars clubs and entertainment

crete-nightlifeThe nightlife of Crete is among the most intense and organized in Greece as the island is full of night clubs that are located in every city. The fun in Crete is concentrated, mostly, in the cities of Chania and Heraklion and in the fabulous seaside resorts of Malia and Hersonissos which host the most beautiful clubs in the city. The cities and towns by the sea are in fact absolutely equipped with a large number of clubs which, when the sun goes down, light up one after the other to compose a colorful mosaic of lights and emotions, ready to welcome you for unforgettable evenings.

Note that one of the most elegant and refined areas of the island is Agios Nikolaos where there are no discos but hosts two very trendy and noteworthy clubs such as the Molo Club and the Café Puert Bar.

If you have time available, we recommend that you visit the Mylos in Platanias and Villa Mercedes in Agia Marina which are the coolest and most fashionable locations in Crete and are mainly frequented by the inhabitants of the island.

The island of Crete is also an island that offers a lot of nightlife in different places. It offers many options that allow you to spend nights for all tastes and all ages. From traditional parties to Greek nights with Cretan music, Crete has it all.

As for the nightlife, in the city of Chania you will find great bars and clubs, some of them well hidden in the old city with views that fill the sky. In the beautiful city of Rethymno there is a great variety of bars and places for dance, taverns and restaurants.

The lively scene is experienced between Malia and Stalis with many clubs, and which are more frequented by Brits.

If you love to relax there are lounge bars with soft music and exotic cocktails. Bars are usually open until midnight or two or three.

Rethymno is the third largest city in Crete and is also one of the most popular as it is home to some of the trendiest clubs on the island.

One of the most elegant and refined areas of the island is Agios Nikolaos where there are no discos but hosts two very trendy and noteworthy clubs such as the Molo Club and the Café Puert Bar.

If you have time available, we recommend that you visit the Mylos in Platanias and Villa Mercedes in Agia Marina which are the coolest and most fashionable locations in Crete and are mainly frequented by the inhabitants of the island.

Chania nightlife

nightlife-in-chaniaEven the nightlife of Chania is fascinating. Although it remains a quiet place, ideal for couples and for romantic evenings, its historic center still hosts many nightclubs, bars and taverns of all kinds. Disco and cosmopolitan bars, elegant restaurants, atmospheric bars and quaint cafes, where you can enjoy a drink or a cocktail. Some are hidden in the alleys of the Old Town in historic buildings or courtyards, others are on the waterfront in the area in front of the port and offer scenic sea views.

One of the main centers of Cretan nightlife is the area near the city of Chania, in the peripheral unit of Chania: the capital is full of clubs of this type especially in the area in front of the port, where you can find the Apzenam, the Boca or the Hannag. Other discos are found in the vicinity of the city, especially in Platanias, a real gathering of young people on the island; not to forget the very exclusive Villa Mercedes, located in the municipality of Agia Marina.

One of the most popular nightclubs in Crete “Mylos” tends to be full during the summer months, when crowds of holidaymakers looking for the party occupy Chania and the surrounding villages. Open from midnight until the early hours of the morning, This club hosts events every night with DJs from around the world.

Heraklion nightlife

nightlife-in-heraklionIn the heart of Heraklion is the Privilege Club, the name already gives the information necessary to describe the place: fun guaranteed by the presence of great DJs and the elegance of the club. place. Near the port, the Ittar is also worth a visit: during the day a normal cafeteria, at night it becomes a lounge bar with the possibility of choosing between modern music and jazz music, depending on the room you will attend.

The city offers many opportunities to spend your evening: you can enjoy a drink at sunset, dine in one of the taverns selling traditional Cretan cuisine and then head to one of the many increasingly busy nightclubs. There is an interesting variety of bars and clubs.

In the center of Heraklion, a pedestrian street full of cafes with Greek and foreign music all year round. The street mainly attracts young people. In the taverns of the city you can enjoy listening to Greek traditional and modern folk music. On Chandakos Street, on the contrary, there are some bars for Greek music lovers, Jazz, Latin music and rock.

Rethymno nightlife

nightlife-in-rethymnoIn Rethymno, on the other hand, in the central part of the island, the nightlife is located right in the beautiful and evocative historic center of the city: from the lounge-bars located on the seafront, in an extraordinary atmosphere, to the discos found in the most intimate streets. in the center, such as La Fortezza, very popular with tourists of all nationalities. Outside the city walls there is also Room69, an exceptional place for anyone asking for unbridled fun: a disco with a swimming pool, however, only open during the summer.

Rethymno is one of the most beautiful cities of Crete and impresses with its picturesque old town, the Venetian castle, pristine beaches and varied nightlife. Guests can enjoy traditional Cretan cuisine in restaurants and taverns, along the beach and near the sea in the area of ​​Koumbes.

In the old port guests can taste fresh fish in the seafood taverns. Alternatively, you can look for entertainment with traditional and folk music in the alleys in the city center. Most of the bars are located on the waterfront, where there is a wide variety of nightclubs to drink or dance to, each with a different style.

Hersonissos and Malia

nightlife-in-hersonissosHersonissos is the most popular tourist destination and the place with the best nightlife in Crete. This popular destination for young people attracts boys and girls from all over Europe, mainly from the United Kingdom and the Nordic countries.
The nightlife in the area of ​​Hersonissos is concentrated along the road along the beach, full of bars and nightclubs of all kinds, always full and loud music. In every corner you will find taverns, disco bars and discos to have fun and dance, all just a few meters from the beach.

New York Club is one of the most popular nightclubs in Hersonissos. The club has frequented the crowds of young tourists and offers good music selected by the best local DJs.

Star Beach water park is the most famous from Hersonissos. Open during the day, the place offers swimming pools, slides, sunbeds and umbrellas rental, loud music and a foam party, while in the evening the party continues with techno music until the morning. There is also a go-kart and the bungee jumping feature. The ideal place for a party in Hersonissos.

The nightlife in Malia

nightlife-in-maliaJust seven kilometers away from Hersonissos, Malia resort is the second destination for entertainment in Crete. Here the nightlife shows its crazier and wilder side. There are hundreds of nightclubs, discos, pubs and disco bars that offer non-stop entertainment 24 hours a day!

Here what matters is to get high and party. Malia is a favorite destination for young Britons who come here for a holiday of delirium and entertainment.

Candy is one of the most popular Malia discos. The design and feel of the club is fantastic, The sound system is amazing and inside there are two bars and two dance floors always very crowded.
The Red Lion is the largest bar and restaurant on the Road Road, a few minutes’ walk from the beach, with traditional English food served all day until late at night.

Nightlife in Hersonisos

New York Bar

The New York Beach Club is one of the best locations in Crete where you can spend unforgettable evenings.
The venue is not very large, it has an indoor air-conditioned room and an outdoor space that overlooks the beach and offers mostly commercial music.
The New York Bar is also the right place to have an aperitif in Crete with a breathtaking view of the beautiful city beach/

Amnesia club

The Amnesia Club is another of the most sought-after locations in Crete and is located near the beautiful beach of Limenas.
The location is very special, it is the right place for those who want to meet and organize really interesting events and themed evenings.

Aria Club

The Aria Club is the favorite nightclub for lovers of house music and techno music.
The location is very well furnished and is treated in every detail and organizes evenings and events with internationally renowned DJs.