Map of Heraklion

Map and facts about Heraklion

The prefecture of Heraklion occupies almost the central part of Crete, to the east is Rethymno and to the west the Prefecture of Lasithi. To the north is washed by the Cretan Sea and south by the Libyan Sea. The prefecture of Heraklion has an area of ​2,641 square kilometers and a population of 264,906 inhabitants. The capital is Heraklion.
In the prefecture there are some uninhabited islets Dia, Kali Limenes and Paximadia.

The prefecture of Heraklion is the center of economic life in Crete. Heraklion, containing all the island's agricultural production, both for processing and for trade. The city of Heraklion is also one of the most developed industrial cities of Greece. As a commercial port also holds a leading position in the country. The main agricultural products of the prefecture are olives, olive oil and sultanas. Orchards of orange, lemon, carob trees and banana trees. Like the rest of Crete, in Heraklion the goat farming is quite developed. Another main industry is tourism due to the great archaeological sites of Knossos and Phaistos ..